FormatWorks Helps River Consulting with Automotive Glass Work

11 September 2009

Correct Translation of Complex Automotive Data Provided by FormatWorks

solidWorksCertifiedGoldProductLeuven, Belgium, September 11, 2009 – FormatWorks data translation and repair software is helping River Consulting, LLC design material handling for automotive glass by drastically reducing time and costs by solving their data translation problems with SolidWorks.  With the help of FormatWorks, River is now able to offer new products and services for the design glass presses.

 Material Handling – Design Problems Traced back to Imported Data

River uses SolidWorks to design material handling for the transport of automotive glass, including the design of conveyors, racks, and pallets.  They receive data from their customers in different formats, with IGES and UG being the most common.  The data is translated into SolidWorks and used as a reference for their design.  The reference model for River’s design has to be a valid SolidWorks model, which is impossible to obtain with standard SolidWorks functionality.


When the translation isn’t correct it has a significant impact on their designs.  River’s engineers often found that after they had built a rack, the glass would not fit.  This problem was traced back to SolidWorks translation errors (missing features, surfaces that don’t knit, deformation).

As a result, they lost time and money and had to redo their design.  To make matters worse, in some cases they would be forced to ask their customer to send them another file format.   This had a double impact as it not only wasted their resources, but their customers’ as well.

 Surfaces that will not knit


FormatWorks – Correct Translation with Automatic Repair and Healing


FormatWorks repair and healing solved their translation problems automatically.  FormatWorks automatically detects and corrects over 70 common translation errors.  River is able to import their data with FormatWorks and start their design quickly, avoiding the costly mistakes and wasted time.  

“The SolidWorks IGES translation gave us 3,000 surfaces that would not knit together.   We can’t use that kind of a result for our design.   We opened the same file with FormatWorks and we had a solid model automatically.   It was unbelievable.” said Walt Ciesielka, a Designer with River Consultings’s Pittsburgh office.  “FormatWorks had an immediate impact on our design.  We don’t have to worry about how we are going to get a good translation anymore.”

 FormatWorks – 3 Solids Automatically

About Capvidia

Capvidia, a Belgium company, offers specialized data translation products and services for the automotive and aerospace industry. Both FormatWorks (the first and only SolidWorks Gold Product for CATIA translation) and 3DTransVidia provide advanced automatic repair and healing to resolve incompatibilities between different CAD systems. FormatWorks is tuned to satisfy SolidWorks internal requirements for forming topological solids with correct model tolerance, without gaps and missing surfaces and no deformation. For more information contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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