Hannover Fair 2016: The BOGE compressor manufacturer uses FlowVision in a cloud to reduce development costs

01 June 2016

Small and medium-sized companies are interested in the use of engineering software and high-performance computers.
The EU’s project CloudFlow provides both possibilities. Forty-six partner organizations from 13 European countries are working together in this project coordinated by the Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics Research IGD.
The project provides access to the numerical simulation software for small and medium-sized companies using cloud computing on the CloudFlow platform. In this solution the existing servers provide high computational performance for solving difficult problems (High Performance Computing, HPC). Customers pay for computational power and the software only when they use these resources via Internet. Use of cloud technologies allows the customers to:

  • use the software and infrastructure of high performance computations in a cost-effective way
  • solve high dimensional problems (complex part assemblies)
  • carry out several optimization projects on supercomputers in a parallel mode

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BOGE engineers succeeded in improving characteristics of compressors using the CloudFlow platform and the FlowVision CFD software package for computational hydro- and aerodynamics optimized for work in a cloud. The BOGE KOMPRESSOREN company is one of the oldest German manufacturers of compressors and it is one of the CloudFlow partners. The software used for development is an important tool for achieving the company’s requirements for high quality production. BOGE’s engineers work on improving the machine's efficiency and reducing the noise level.

Results of the experiment for improving the characteristics of the BOGE compressors by the FlowVision computational hydro- and aerodynamics software package operating on the CloudFlow cloud platform were presented on the HANNOVER MESSE, April 25-29 2016.

CloudFlow is funded as a joint project within the scope of the 7th Research Framework Program of the European Commission (Grant Agreement No. 609 100)

More information about the CloudFlow joint project:
•    www.eu-cloudflow.eu
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•   www.igd.fraunhofer.de
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