Award for best performing partner

24 February 2016

The DS Sales Convention in Barcelona February 1-3, 2016, was a very successful and well attended event. DS presented its product portfolio and partner strategy for 2016. A Gala dinner included awards for best performing partners. Capvidia  received an award for best SIMULIA sales performance in 2015 on the Russian market. We highly appreciate the award and continue our efforts in supporting existing customers and identifying new ones.


Capvidia at Metromeet 2016

20 January 2016

metromeetCapvidia – QIF Quality Information Framework
Metromeet 2016
February 24~26,  Bilbao, Spain

Tomasz Luniewski, CEO and founder of Capvidia, a leading software developer for Model Based Enterprise interoperability, has been invited to be a guest speaker at Metromeet 2016.  As an acknowledged expert on the Quality Information Framework (QIF), Tomasz will provide an overview of this new ANSI standard for dimensional metrology. The industry has been seeking a major productivity breakthrough as promised by CAD but nobody has been able to produce this level of quality efficiency until now. QIF enables the transfer of metrology data in a machine-to-machine manner thereby eliminating human error, lowering costs and increasing quality and efficiency.

Metromeet is an International Conference on Industrial Dimensional Metrology.
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Capvidia extends STEP format to support DIN 4003

02 October 2015

Capvidia products now support STEP DIN 4003, which is commonly used by tooling manufacturers for the creation of digital product catalogues. The STEP DIN 4003 Standard enables data interoperability between different applications and it includes tooling specific information describing such details as:

  • Names for entities representing “CUT” and “NOCUT tool edges
  • Colors assign to the entities representing “CUT” and “NOCUT edges and cutting lines
  • Local coordinate systems with names referring to their position

Capvidia joins Automation Alley

30 November 2015


Leuven, Belgium, November 30, 2015 – Capvidia has become a member of Automation Alley which brings together leading academics, engineers and industry professionals in Michigan. Capvidia will work with Automation Alley members and partners to deliver proven interoperability solutions that benefit engineering and manufacturing.


Capvidia Empowers Model Based Definition (MBD)

19 May 2015


Leuven, Belgium, May 19, 2015 – Capvidia announced support for STEP AP 242 standardized 3-D models to exchange information across design and manufacturing in one seamless “digital thread.” STEP AP 242 is the new international standard for incorporating product and manufacturing information (PMI) into 3D models for downstream use.

STEP AP 242 with its embedded data and instructions helps downstream users understand and improve manufacturing and inspection processes. AP 242 differs from other STEP standards because it retains geometric and dimensional tolerance information, as well as actionable specifications for materials, surface texture, process notes, finish requirements, and other information. This value-added collaboration is expected to reduce cycle times, costs, avoid duplication of effort, and lower the risk of errors, while increasing part yields and quality.

Capvidia’s implementation of STEP AP 242 provides both read and write support with full MBD data.  Capvidia’s representation also maintains semantic PMI, notes, metadata, saved views and offers 3 different PMI presentation methods – polyline, tessellated and character-based.

"Providing STEP AP 242 to our customers is an important step toward enabling the Model-Based Enterprise (MBE)," says Tomasz Luniewski, CEO and Founder of Capvidia, "Our products enable a broad number of individuals to access and share 3D data without using a traditional CAD system."

Capvidia is a global company operating through a network of offices in the USA, Europe and Asia. As a leading software solution provider for the manufacturing industry, Capvidia offers products and related services in CAD Data Translation, Validation, Quality Assessment, Model Based Enterprise/Model Based Definition, and Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulation and Optimization. For more information contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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