Aero-Plastics Utilizes CompareVidia for CAD Translation Validation

03 May 2010

aero plastics

Capvidia Solution Provides Validation for Aerospace Supplier
Aero-Plastics, Inc in Renton, Washington is a leading supplier to the aerospace industry. They have been in business for over 50 years. They are a contract manufacturer specializing in CNC Machining and Injection Molding providing high quality, precision metallic and plastic components and assemblies. Their commitment to quality has lead to customer loyalty as well as numerous awards and certifications. In 2009 Aero-Plastics received the Supplier Excellence Award from Boeing and GE Aviation. When asked to meet Boeing D6-51991 compliance, Aero-Plastics chose Capvidia’s CompareVidia product for data translation validation.


FormatWorks for SolidWorks Based CAM Products

03 February 2010

FormatWorks - SolidWorks Certified Gold ProductBuilding a CAM application on an existing and widely accepted CAD product offers a lot of advantages. This is the reason why leading CAM companies such as SolidCAM and Cimtronics (CAMWorks) have chosen SolidWorks as development platform. This approach offers a lot of benefits to both developers as users.

The developers can focus on specific of CAM implementation instead of programming basic CAD functions required in their application. They simply call necessary functions using standard SolidWorks API. Users benefit from familiar user interface in one integrated environment. They can design CAD models and start CAM application to prepare 3D model for manufacturing without changing the working environment. There is no need to go to any other application to complete the work.


Thermal analysis in FlowVision

08 January 2010

Realistic CFD analysis on a full assembly

FlowVision HPC 3.07 version offers new capability for thermal analysis of electronic devices. The electronic devices such as mobile phones, lap-tops or PDA’ s consist of hundreds of parts defined as assembly structure in a CAD system. Complex geometry and assemblies have always been a major obstacle for engineering simulation using traditional meshing techniques. How does FlowVision deal with this problem?


Cimtronics to offer CompareVidia

19 January 2010

Latest Capvidia product for CAD Model Validation

cimtronicsLeuven, Belgium – January 19, 2010 - Capvidia, a Belgium company, is proud to announce that Cimtronics will resell its CompareVidia in the USA.  Under the terms of the agreement, Cimtronics will provide sales and support of Capvidia’s CompareVidia product for compliance with Boeing D6-51991 “Quality Assurance Standard for Digital Product Definition”.


Capvidia releases new CompareVidia2010

11 December 2009

Capvidia releases new CompareVidia2010

gearwheelThe CompareVidia application for validation of 3D CAD models has been further extended with the new functions. The performance improvement gives 30% boost compared with the previous release.
The floating license configuration provides a flexible solution for multi-user environment at discounted price. 
The new wire-frame object validation opens possibility to include in the validation process auxiliary to 3D model objects as i.e. PMI describing manufacturing or dimension tolerances. 

The report summarizing the validation results can be read back into CompareVidia for further detailed analysis of all entities causing the validation process to fail. The idea is to run the validation once and have possibility to investigate the results later. This also has an impact on archiving the validation results. An old report can be easily retrieved and investigated in more details at any time.



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