Complex Problems Sometimes Require Simple Solutions

If CAD/CAM/CMM systems are used in your daily work process, you know that importing and exporting CAD models or even getting high quality data from your imported 3D models is not always an easy task.

In most modern CAD/CAM/CMM systems, users require valid and editable solid models for their manufacturing. Imported CAD models from native systems into non-native manufacturing systems can distort and make the CAD model appear as a collection of free surfaces difficult or sometimes even impossible to understand or piece together.

Instead of spending many hours in correcting, repairing and "knitting" CAD surface data together, Capvidia's customers utilize specialized products and services, purposely designed to support all major CAD/CAM/CMM systems.

With Capvidia's suite of software technologies, you save engineering time, keep your projects on budget, and can remove the aspirin bottle from your desk drawer.