Capvidia to attend SIMULIA Community Conference

31 March 2015
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On the agenda "Simulating Strongly Coupled Fluid-Structure Interactions using Abaqus and FlowVision"

FlowVision is a universal CFD code for solving wide range of industrial, medical and life science applications. Based on the fluid volume definition, FV offers fully automatic mesh generation with dynamic grid adaptation. The integration with Abaqus/SIMULIA through Direct Coupling Interface (DCI) and Co-Simulation Engine (CSE) provides solution to the most complex Fluid-structure –interaction simulations. Automatic matching of the CFD and FEA and use of the Abaqus FEA mesh as CFD boundary simplifies the set-up of the project and provides controlled accuracy in data exchange between structure and fluid domains. Through support of the CSE engine the implicit coupling between Abaqus and FlowVision is realized, which significantly extends co-simulations capability to support solution for the most complex problems such as e.g. human heart beat simulation (Living Heart Project). The presentation will address above mentioned topics and illustrate practical use of Abaqus/FV co-simulation to solve problems from aerospace, nuclear industry and life science.