Capvidia at Metromeet 2017

07 March 2017
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logo MM2017Capvidia – QIF and the Future of Digital Metrology
Meet us at Metromeet 2017, March 22~24,  Bilbao, Spain.

Modern metrology systems consist of a patchwork of various individual software packages, each of which produce and/or consume massive amounts of data. The efficacy of these software systems is severely encumbered by the lack of interoperability between its components. Transferring data between software packages is costly both in terms of the time required of the human expert to manually process the data, and in terms of the errors involved in the manual transcription.

The presentation will describe the ANSI Quality Information Framework (QIF) and will explain how it can provide the information format necessary to master the challenges of interoperability and data traceability. QIF is an XML-based ontology for manufacturing data, all built on semantic links to 3D model data. This solution arose organically via a body of industry experts ranging from manufacturers (end users), software vendors, research organizations, and National Measurement Institutes, all coordinated by the Dimensional Metrology Standards Consortium (DMSC).

Various workflows that use QIF will be described, all of which leverage the benefit of the large quantity of information that first-class interoperability can beget: automation, optimization, traceability, and data analytics.
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